Octopus, Oktopus, Ochtapas, Octapas

Across the globe this eight-armed, three-hearted, sly, brilliant creature has inspired eccentric tales. The line between myth and reality is hazy in the mysterious realm of the sea. For voyagers, the ocean itself carried these stories from ship to ship, shore to shore and alongside the sharing of stories, the sharing of food and drink.

This exchange lended to the introduction of new flavors and ingredients, ideas and techniques, many of which then became integrated into new cultures in deeply unique ways. In the name Octapas, we honor our roots, where our family has traveled from, the ancient ways and traditions which have been passed down through stories, across seas, time honored techniques in the kitchen.

We also celebrate the diversity and richness of the place we have landed, here in the lush northwest, and the bounty of seasonal foods and flavors. The ocean currents connect us across this globe and also bring us home.


Born from a genuine love of good food, drinks and community, Octapas offers a space where people can gather and celebrate the uniqueness of our locality and build a culture of acceptance through shared experience. From featuring local artists on our walls, to locally grown produce in our weekly specials, to a drink menu that mirrors the seasons, we are constantly stretching our arms toward inspired new creations while holding close our commitments to a people and a place.


Our mission is to source amazing product, preserve the quality, embellish, enhance or transform and serve with authentic care. Celebrating the traditional as well as the cutting-edge, Octapas showcases eclectic cuisine in a stylish and casual atmosphere.


We approach each day with integrity and the willingness to work hard because we recognize that the enjoyment of wholesome food is essential to the pursuit of happiness. From revelry in the simple delights, to experimenting with new challenging techniques, we invite our guests to join as we continue to explore and grow into an integral part of the dining community.